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Wonderful! So you decided to share your success with the world, that's a phenomenal choice and I really want to thank and congratulate you for taking the time to share your success with the world. I can't suppress my emotions right now, I'm overwhelmed with joy, excitement, happiness and gratefulness to have such a divine soul like you - here with us. I feel incredibly fortunate to get in touch with giants like you. Thanks for lending me the 'delightful' privilege of spending sometime with you and extracting the best out of you and sharing it with the world. I believe, 'The Secret of Living is Giving', and you must be really a enlightened soul that you took time to share your best with the world. Yes. The world needs your advice. People who are struggling to thrive in your area of expertise, needs the essence of your experience, they are seeking help from you. Make this one count, make it the best contribution of all!

I'm thrilled, excited and feeling phenomenal right now to be with you. I just can't wait for a single second to start our conversation. It's time to get thrilled and excited & to - share your success with the world. "GIVE YOUR BEST SHOT!"

How could we plan it?

Oh! That's a great question. In my excitement, I just forgot to inform you about the process of our interview. Anyways, let me introduce you to our standard methods of interviews. Ideally, our specialized, the most standard, reliable and the most popular method of interview is 'the anytime offline interview' where you can participate in the interview, at any time at your ease, from wherever you are. The anytime offline format and the online anytime format both go hand-in-hand, but the most reliable from the both is the 'offline anytime format'. 

However when it comes to 'Live interviews', there are two main formats which we follow, a telephonic one or a live one with Aditya and his team.

Offline Anytime Interview

This is the most reliable, and comfortable format of the interview for any interviewee. In this format, interviewee can download a .doc file pre-filled with the interview questions and all the important instructions mentioned in it. As soon as the interviewee is done with the interview, he/she needs to send that .doc file plus their best pics (at least 3 and at most 5) to [email protected]. And within 48 hours, after reviewing your interview, we will make it live on the site. 

Step-01: Download the .doc by clicking me (or the button below)

Step-02: Give your best shot!

Step-03 When done, send us the .doc with your best 3-5 pics at [email protected]

Online Anytime Interview

This is the second most comfortable interview format that an interviewee can opt for. However, this is not as reliable as the offline format. The technical challenges make this format a bit unreliable and unpreferable. In this format, you will be able to give the entire interview on our website, or from our type forms. However, if you opt for this format, I would recommend you to back up your entire interview before submitting it, because many times, due to technical deficiencies either from your side or from our side, we are unable to fetch your interview. In that case, you would need to resubmit it from a special link which we will provide you - if required. So, if you are thinking for online anytime interview - I would suggest you to go for offline anytime interview which is 100% reliable and solid! Yet, if you wish to proceed with this format - plunge ahead! ...& Give your Best Shot!

Live With Aditya & his Team

Get interviewed by Aditya and his team. In this case, you would get a chance to be interviewed by Aditya or his team. As for now, the live interview is just limited to India (all major states & cities), but we are expanding our reach rapidly and hence would be soon able spread our across the globe. In this case, you would be interviewed by Aditya or his team wherever you are. Apparently, this is one of the best forms of the interviews we organize. So, if you are ready - let us schedule an interview soon.

Telephonic/Live Interview

Last but never the least! You might be wondering, what if I'm not from India? This is for you! Today, the world is a global village. This interview format is specifically designed for conducting interviews overseas. If you are located somewhere out of our reach - this is how we can arrange our interview. This interview would be then published across social media wherever our reach extends (in video as well as the written format). If you are ready - Let's schedule it!

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